Thrive Inside offers a range of courses for residents in custody and people in recovery from addictions, and to support the well-being of prison staff.


While one-off workshops or sessions can be arranged, participants get the best results from regular weekly groups.


For example, the standard rolling 8-week course is delivered as a 2-hour session each week, supported by a workbook and a CD of recorded mediations that residents can use to practice in their own cell or environment.


Shorter lunchtime sessions of as little as 35 minutes can be made available to staff.

Staff members who participate are also given the Thrive Inside CD with recorded meditations to use at home.

Plans are in place to offer a full range of meditations and background teachings that can be listened to at anytime, played back on a closed device, this 18 hour course will also be available on-line for people in recovery to deepen their understanding of Step 11.


In addition to courses, more information is available about iRest meditation in the book The iRest Programme for PTSD by Dr Richard Miller, PhD, available from Amazon.

Multi-week iRest meditation courses include a workbook

and CD with recorded sessions

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