What happens during an 

iRest session and on a course


An iRest session can be done in a few minutes, in short sessions of 5–10 minutes, or, for a full practice, in 20–35 minutes.


There is no physical requirement to practice iRest. Participants can lie down, or sit on the floor or on a chair — whichever is most comfortable.


The iRest instructor will ask participants to close their eyes and then will guide them through the different steps of iRest. This includes helping them to develop a ‘Safe Zone’ (a feeling drawn from a memory of a place, using the senses, where they can start to feel safe), an Intention, and a Deep Wish for life.


Next, the instructor will name parts of the body and ask participants to simply pay attention to what they feel in the body. Finally, participants will be asked to notice their breathing, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Read about how iRest can help people who have experienced trauma or difficult life circumstances.

Groups are structured in a way that is digestible for residents and supportive of people working a 12 step programme. We have a weekly group with an initial discussion on one of the 10 steps of iRest, this is to see where it applies to them in daily life situations before we do a practice based on one of those steps.