How iRest can help

iRest meditation is a natural antidote for managing the thoughts and feelings that drive violent and destructive behaviour.

Instead of avoiding or ‘stuffing down’ feelings such as anger and resentment — which can lead to addictive behaviours — iRest provides a set of tools for managing and mastering difficult emotions and thoughts.

The practice also challenges deep-rooted beliefs that can perpetuate offending behaviour and lock people into a cycle of crime and destructive choices.

iRest invites people to find meaning and purpose and to take responsibility for their lives.

It can also help them understand that difficult feelings do not have to control them nor be acted upon in the heat of the moment. This can give them a sense of pride and belief in themselves.

Learn what to expect during an iRest class.

“This is a great release … helps [me] focus. Don't know what I would have done without it, if I'm honest. So … thanks.”
— Resident, HMP Lewes

For residents and people in recovery

iRest meditation can help residents and people in recovery recently to deal with the stresses and 'ds-ease' of everyday life. It teaches strategies for managing thoughts and feelings that drive offending and violent behaviours. It has been scientifically evaluated in more than 30 studies and found to be safe and efficacious in experimental trials (read about the research here).

For staff

iRest can also support prison staff by helping them to bring balance into their lives. This form of mindfulness-based practice provides tools for managing the daily challenges and stress of working in prison environments.