Restoring Wholeness


Mens Shadow workshops to help master the hidden patterns that drive destructive behaviour.  

Mapping core beliefs about being a man and difficult emotions you may struggle with, exploring unconscious masculine patterns that limit your life. 

Workshops combining

Systemic Family constellation and iRest non-dual meditation.

About the workshops


These men's shadow meditation workshops are run on a donation basis to help fund Thrive Inside groups in HMPPS sites. 


We use the Non-dual, body sensing practice of iRest and the mapping process of Systemic Family constellation work. We create a visual and emotional image of parts of ourselves or our family system. This allows us to see how our beliefs and strong emotions, many of which have their roots in our ancestral past, impact on our daily lives and interactions with others.


In the workshop a living map is created of our belief systems and emotions using other participants as representatives of them. We can see how we relate to these aspects of ourselves and see where they were formed and then often abandoned. In doing this we are able to integrate and heal old wounds, bringing them into balance allowing our lives and relationships to flow more freely.


This live map allows for a felt experience and understanding of the dynamics that may affect a person from past ancestral trauma and the conditioning experienced within the family unit. Through this process we are able to experience any unconscious patterns and family loyalties that may be linked to the past. It allows for a deeper understanding on how the family history, the structure and dynamics of the family system of origin impacts on our daily lives and influences current relationships.

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'Thank you. I have never seen something uncover so much in so many people in such a short time... Astonishing!'

Howard St John Director

'Working with Paul with Constellation Workshops has proven to be more real, powerful, grounded and more transformational than working with Ayahuasca'

Daniel (Sussex)

Beliefs that limit us have roots in the

In the process we can bring to light the shadow, to see what someone, often with a great deal of effort, has been trying to avoid, resist and exclude in their lives causing pain and suffering. It can reveal how and why individuals have worked so hard using survival techniques and different coping mechanisms to get through life and protect the wounded part of ourselves.


These old beliefs and patterns may well be ancestral that have been passed on unconsciously down the family line and are currently being repeated through loyalties and love to the family of origin. This pain often shows up in destructive patterns that we keep on repeating in our lives. When these patterns are revealed, when the unseen is seen, we can start to heal and bring about changes in our lives. 

In the workshops an issue holder presents an old pattern or something that they would like to work on. After a short interview to find out what the belief, problem or situation is, we then will map it out using other participants who are asked to represent an aspects of the person, a family member or the situation. This allows for a live map to be created. The representatives or markers are placed in the space where a picture unfolds to see where the person is in relationship to these things, which then allows the issue holder to get a greater understanding of what is going on. To see and feel more clearly the dynamics of what is causing the problem and understand what has been playing out in their life. This can then allow for an integration to happen, a greater acceptance and reconciliation where splits have occurred, allowing for healing and freedom of the pattern that has created difficulty in their life.

Testimonials from some men who have attended a workshop


"If you’ve got any trauma or deep seated emotional stuff, this technique is seriously powerful and effective.” John


"I found it very helpful in moving past some of the issues in my past, I'd recommend it to anyone. some of the biggest growth I've had in 8 years sober so I'm a big advocate." Howard


" I felt comfortable and in a very safe space and witnessed some powerful work that was held masterfully. In my work I felt held completely and was gracefully allowed to explore some deep dark places in safety.” Neal

Healing trauma and restoring wholeness workshops.

Using iRest (Non dual) meditation 

and Systemic constellation mapping work.

Patcham memorial hall, 

3 Old Brighton road,




10:15am - 4:30pm

Sunday June 26th.

By donation to help fund Thrive Inside meditation groups

in local HMPPS sites

The normal cost for these workshop is between £60-70, but these mens workshops are all run by donation to help fund Thrive Inside groups within HMPPS sites.


Will will explore the foundations of the iRest meditation practice that we teach in HMPPS sites, We will ensure that we have a safe container and also explore creating safety within ourselves. We will look at setting intention and asking the question of what is your life mission and deepest wish for life. There will be some time exploring feeling the body and working with the breath and also introduce you to working with opposites.

There will then be a chance for some men to map the internal dialogue of the mind. In doing this we create a living map with others representing aspects of the personality. Taking part as a representative can be as powerful as doing your own piece and includes everyone. As you witness or take part in others work it will often tap into your own issues and help to heal that within yourself. 

Workshop Guidelines

One of the principles of this work is the welcoming of each moment and experience, then to acknowledge how we feel about it.

In the welcoming we look to see what the feeling / experience.. 1.Wants, 2. Needs, then find 3. An appropriate action.


Here are some guidelines and principles to help us work safely together at the workshops. 

  • Honesty.

  • Welcoming (each experience as a message) and be curious how we feel. 

  • Self-study (owning our stuff), not blaming others.

  • Respect (of ourselves and others).

  • Be mindful (of our words and actions and the affect that has on others).

  • Non-violence (towards ourselves and others). Not just physically but also in our words and actions.

  • No ism's. Racism or sexism.

  • No advice or cross sharing (the work helps us find our own answers through enquiry).

  • Confidentiality.